Integrated logistics concepts for sustainable and flexible urban logistics networks


Technical requirements of microdepositories - A list of requirements for material flow and technologies used for the microdepositories was prepared.


Business Models - Various business models have been designed and are being tested in a simulation environment.

March 2022

Workshop on algorithm requirements - In a joint workshop, the requirements of the various project partners for the optimization algorithm to be developed were worked out and specified.

December 2022

Optimization model - The mathematical formulation of the optimization model was completed.

December 2022

Sizing of microdeposits and consolidation centers - The methods for determining the sizing were created and adapted.

December 2022

Goods flow model and route planning - The required parameters of the goods flow model were determined and the route planning optimization model was revised.

Integrated logistics concepts for sustainable and flexible urban logistics networks

The project follows an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to develop, test and evaluate sustainable and flexible logistics concepts to avoid and shift inner-city delivery traffic. To achieve this goal, the chosen approach includes (1) the testing and design of flexible distribution structures on the last and penultimate mile, (2) the complementary technology development, especially with regard to micro-consolidation centers, electric and low-emission vehicle concepts and modular transport containers, and (3) the testing of the developed concepts in living labs and field trials. The multi-criteria evaluation and assessment will be conducted from the perspective of all stakeholders involved in urban logistics.

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