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The mobility transition can only happen if we work together in the real world, not in a laboratory. That's why we use our platform to report on all relevant events from our ecosystem. Furthermore, Munich has big plans. In the next few years, the city wants to become a European pioneer of sustainable mobility innovations and, just like Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona, be perceived globally with its very own vision of the mobility revolution.

After all, mobility is key to prosperity, quality of life and sustainability. At the same time, the challenges of our mobility behavior are becoming increasingly clear. Climate change, air and noise pollution, and international resource dependencies caused by current crises present us with immense problems. How can we achieve a real mobility turnaround in this interplay?

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Wie können Städte das Konzept Sharing nutzen und verbreiten? Wie kann der ländliche Raum von Sharing-Konzepten profitieren? Welche Chancen und Herausforderungen gibt es?
MCube ist dieses Jahr wieder auf der IAA am Marienplatz vertreten. 5. - 10. September 2023
We analysed the most exciting european metropolises and compared their mobility innovations and systems. When: 27th of July, 3 PM Where: Old library 2350, Arcisstr. 21